It’s my angel’s Birthday

Welcome to this world Darling, this may be a world full of strangers but there is no one stranger to your honesty. The most beautiful girl on this planet with the most holy heart. Like Janmashtmi everyone eagerly waits for this day as we all know that our little angel who wipes out our all pain like lord krishna did to all Mathurwasi’s, entered to this world on this day.

Everyone has his own reason to praise you and there are tons of reason , one can adore you and today is not the day to enlist all those reasons. On this special day we just want to give you some more reasons to cherish your special day.

iI searched every dictionary today but I couldn’t find a single word that can describe your beauty and honesty.

with you, I don’t need anything to make my life happy. My every dream comes true when you opens up your eyes.

With you everything is possible, we can fight every problem and difficulties.

You make our lives more beautiful every day, your smile makes our day. Even can’t imagine a day without your smile and laugh.

Today is the day that I want to beg, literally want to beg to God that he always keeps you happy and fulfills your every wish.

this is the only way I can tell the world that how beautiful my little angel is, but one day I promise that I will scream out so loud and tell the whole world that how lucky I am to have you.

Thank you for making our lives so brightening.

i love you so much.

To my dearest Angel

A very Happy B’Day.

Stay a bit more!

We all know how important you are for all of us. You are our heartbeat, blood of our veins. Most lovable cutest of the cute and the most beautiful girl there. We want you to smile always, to move around the house and asking about food.

Our family have found a diamond , the diamond that has magical powers to make everyone smile and laugh.

The amount of love you get from every family member is just what they can show you, but what they can’t show is immense, they think about you every time, they care for you, you are everything for them,.

Your smile made the day of Mma and maa, you have been the morning sparrow for them for 7 days. As the morning sparrow starts chirping in the morning, everyone starts blessing the sparrow. The moment you get up, mma and maa bless you for your present and future.

God is so cruel, he has made the thing, that he can’t control and the thing is time, I wish these 7 days never came to an end. we were the happiest persons around the globe for past 7 days and the reason was your face, smile. The majestic aura in your smile gives us strength.

I wish the next 30 days will be easier for all of us as we won’t able to fulfill your breakfast, lunch and dinner wishes. We won’t be able to see your anger that vanishes in a moment.

Wish you come to home after 30 days as a ministerial employee of central govt.

Thanks for making us proud, thanks for giving us countless smiles. We all love you.

“Ohhh Yessss”

It was a pleasant night, Gentle breeze was blowing, both of them were busy with their cords near the mouth and a big 440 volt smile, using their mind’s eye and trying to be a perfect artist who perfectly portrays picture of the another one after a single word being said.

Suddenly she started sobbing and that was like a sudden black cloud on the full moon, shocking beyond words because she was a heavyweight champion in every KG category, she can’t be that much weak, after being she started bleating. I can’t and I won’t.

Surely low self confidence. When your mind and body are not aligned, you start feeling low because mind controls your body. Your body becomes like a mirror with dust, hazy. Nothing is visible, you start over thinking and that’s where you start doing mistakes.

Infact she was very focused, focused to get success but still became so weak… why?

Reason is shifting of aim, her aim was now to get success and in this process she forgot what was her goal, she made so many ways for that ‘secondary’ destination that it became a maze for her, a maze made by her and still unable to cross it.

You have to take a decision , and no decision is right or wrong , decision is good or bad, only in hindsight, it can be beneficial or harmful, to oneself or to others and every decision has consequence and the law of consequence is known as karma. Action or karma impacts the self at three level, physical, mental and social.

she was feeling it at all three levels and her action made her feel like that and the action taken is like arrow that has been released from bow, there is no escape.

When there is tug of was in your mind, you cannot make your way , the only way to make your way is churning. And Key to all her questions and complains was “churning “, asking questions to herself, why she was doing this and what she really see through that hazy mirror. Her Inner clarity made that mirror clean.

In the next 3 months, he never advised her, never gave 2 hrs of lecture, neither she desired. She was a missile that finds its target in anyway once shot.

There was one destination, one path, one goal, Mind and body both were aligned.

She was not searching for any readymade recipe but was making a new one , a historic one that no one has ever thought of.

Yes nervous sometimes but bold enough to go for another try. But when you give your 100%, fate favours you.

When being searched , her name was in saffron color, color of sacrifice, sacrifices that she made during those months.

And then again a “Tunak Tunak”and starting with a silence , a voice having so many mixed emotions, said “Yessss”.

The success was all about her sacrifice and she being so clear about her aim. She needed no guide, no mentor, her own pure heart was guiding her and her witty mind was mentoring her.

It’s her success and post success when emotions and feelings were doubled without any change. He said “Ohh Yess.”


Many say, “Time heals”, they don’t mean that you will be better after a certain time period, they mean that you will be used to of that pain and after that certain period you will forget how you were without that(thing that gave you pain).

Everytime you hear “Time heals” it means you are gonna lose some part of yourself, and one day you will be alone with thousand of people around you, but you will be in pieces.

Healing is the process of remembering that you are still fine. Healing isn’t cure. Don’t be afraid of the darkness, you are supposed to go after losing something, darkness holds as much beauty as light. Darkness is there to help you learn.

Be in love with darkness, the color dark or black is color of youthfulness. Your black hair tells that you are young. When you fall into darkness, the brightest dreams come close to you. Darkness doesn’t mean , it’s the end of brightness. Remember, end is the birth of a new beginning.

No one can defeat you, you can, you will. You are champ and you will create history.

Miss You!

Yesterday, I was sleeping on terrace and looked at the sky, stars were really far from each other last night. It looked like they were as helpless as I was but then a star could not resist and moved towards another star who was eagerly waiting for him. You would really enjoy this, if you were here.

But the next moment I thought, is everyone missing the same way as I am missing you, is Moon missing the sun, is the tree in my backyard missing the chirping of birds or is it about the right person, do trees miss the axe or does moon miss the eclipse?

When you get axed or you get an eclipse on you, you don’t wanna miss that person but when you bloom to your fullest strength you really miss the one who made you realise that you have that potential. It’s all about right person at right time with another right person.

When you miss someone badly it means you are saying I love you and love and “miss” both have substance of trust. I miss you, not because you are not here but because I am not there. Both believe each other, both trust each other, when Moon misses Sun in north hemisphere, Sun says that I am in south hemisphere, here Moon does not try to leave its place and rush towards south to corroborate what sun said but he stays there just waiting as he trusts his love and lover.

If you can’t believe her/him at that moment, you really can’t miss him/her. And when you get a chance to talk, you heart must fly and love from both side will wipe away the tears, you cry. The “me” who fears that “I” might disappear has never had any real substance or continuity. It is a thought-form, a mental image, an idea that disappears many times When I think of you.

Remember when football worldcup is over, the channel plays best moments of the world cup, same way, when you are not with her, your mind recalls best of your moments. My mind also recalled best of our moments and one of those was when I was fearful to tell you about myself as I knew you would enter my soul, and so it happened. You taught me the basics and I was happy to be a learner again and will be a learner till my last breath. You are not here but can feel your presence. As the temple bell stops but the sound keeps coming, you are not here but can feel your mellifluous voice, fragrance of that scent and everything that made me to fall in that beautiful new world.

But I wanna learn some new chapters now, I don’t wanna feel this anymore.

Miss You!


“The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said.”

The person who can’t communicate is living in denial. And the person who thinks that having good or influential speaking skills is good communication is living in self denial.

Communication is like ‘churning’, its not a one way traffic. Both listening and speaking should be in balanced nature to get the ‘nectar’ out of that churning.

Like the old manual churning, where one has to churn with  both hands, but both hands cannot go together, while one hand has to pull that  rope, other one should be there to push, this is how the churning works. This is how we get butter from churning, same goes in the communication. While one person starts speaking, other one has to listen or vice versa.  If   you really want to reach to any conclusive point in discussion you have to go through the churning process.

When the traffic goes one way, it is more like tug of war, where one party wins but there is no communication between them, both of them just try to win by hook or crook.

Hence, when engaged in communication, try to listen other people’s dream, challenge, desire and their perspective on different things.

You don’t need to be just observer but to be absorber, because when you observe, you may miss out some vital information that is not being said in words but in emotions, you have to absorb every word and emotion while listening.

Same applies for speaking, it is an art to put your thoughts, emotions, opinions in a meaningful way. You stand apart from the crowd with good speaking skills. Communicate with our internal world, this will give you more confidence, try to speak to yourself because external world is like mirror, As the mirror shows you what you want to see, it will never show you what you don’t want to show. same applies for external world, what you speak they will appreciate you or reprimand you, according to what you speak , they will never be able to see what you really think on that topic. But your internal world will not only tell you about what or how you speak but also tell you about how you really think or what is your mentality.

So communicate with yourself, speak to yourself, listen to your conscience. The way to beautiful outerworld starts from your internal world.

I trust You!

‘I trust you’ the most common sentence, we are used to of, in relationship. But what is trust? Is that belief or faith? Is that just a way to requite another person or just norm that everyone is following without knowing nous behind it?

Trust is not faith, while faith requires no testimony and your belief system should be blind. If your conscience is trying to ask question then faith will be evanescent , once you start questioning existence of faith,it is in danger. In faith, you are told to presume truth about something or someone. Blind faith makes your mind paralyze, your conscience stone deaf, you don’t want to listen anyone, you don’t want to be repugned and when someone tries to repugn you, you feel that attacking him is your right (verbal attack or physical attack), because you have that faith in your mind that has deepened its roots so much in your mind that it won’t allow any other plant to grow, and opposing your faith is like seeding a new plant in your mind.

A toddler has faith in his father and a young one has trust in his father, what is the difference?

When a father plays with his child, while throwing him in air, the toddler doesn’t panic, he smiles and laughs because he has faith in his father, he doesn’t know about the gravity or the weight, he just knows that whatever the situation, his father will catch him in his arms and thus he enjoys the company of his father. But when a father tries to do the same with the young boy. The Young boy may or may not obey his father’s choice, he will question his father’s statement in his mind, whether my father is capable of doing so or not. The faith is getting busted here, trust is getting its roots here. He trusts his father.

Faith likes newfangled or the green horns while Trust likes experienced ones. Faith doesn’t believe in evidence while trust works on the principle of evidence. Faith has substance of hope while Trust loves practicality.

You have faith in God, because when you were born, you were told to do so. You haven’t seen God in your life but you think that he is always there, sometimes your faith is so powerful that if someone tries to oppose that, your faith tells you to show him right place, either by giving him lecture on your faith or by battering him.

But if used in right direction, faith leads to trust and in same way if not used in right direction (or without evidence) trust starts to head towards faith.

If someone says, he trusts you that means he knows you very well, he knows what will be your reaction in particular future incidents, he trusts you because he has seen you in different situations and loves you for what you are and he has many evidences to prove that to himself. No one says ‘I trust you’ in first meeting, and if someone says ‘I trust you’ in first meeting then it’s not trust.

Organize yourself in a way that someone trusts you, if he/she sees you disorganized, he/she will not trust you. When you put a coin on coin, you know that it won’t come down without any outer force but when you try to put 50 coins on a single coin it will tend to swing. Your mind also behaves in same manner, a stable mind tends to stay steady while unstable mind tends to swing.

Importance of Sorry

“Kshama Virasya Bhoosnam” means forgiveness adorns the brave. Those who are brave, are powerful for sure, be it mentally or physically yet their jewellery is sorry, why? We must have seen the roots of plants, every plant has different type of root, xerophytes have long and well developed roots while Aquatic plants have very small or floating roots. Xerophytes survive under adverse circumstances so they develop longer roots to absorb more water, same happens in the case of sorry, sorry is best fostered in the unpropitious circumstances. Like the root is the foundation of tree , pardon or sorry is also the root of a pure and strong Man’s character.

Many persons think that if they are saying sorry to anyone, it means that they are wrong and the sorry receiver is right but that’s not the truth. If you are saying sorry to anyone , it means that you value that person and you really don’t want to lose him.

We have created our own laws now, every country has its own law, even different religions have their own law. But have you ever thought of nature’s law? Nature is boundary less, creatures create boundary, in a pure nature’s law, powerful and the most eligible reigns over the meek and weak. Lions create their own territory or boundary too, if any deer comes into that boundary, lion has every right reserved to chase that deer down and kill that. Lions also kill another carnivorous to protect their boundary, same happens with humans also, they also kill, lie, cheat others to protect their ‘Ego’ boundaries. Ego is invisible in you, you cannot destroy that because when you were born, Ego came there with you. It is said that, You Exist, therefore I exist – Ego. Ego is that water that strengthens the roots of hatred and jealousy. Your eye captures the beauty of nature, beauty of humans but your ‘I’ captures your thoughts, it enslaves you. When you set your heart on for impeccability or head and shoulder above for anything, your ego takes over you. You even don’t know about that but ego has taken a good amount of place within you with that one thought, and when someone arraign your impeccability, you tend to behave like someone has axed on your roots (of hatred and jealousy).

To avoid the egoism or I’ness, try to open your eyes and capture the truth of nature, truth that if you are strong enough mentally or physically, you don’t lickspittlers to praise you or your impeccability. Sorry is not just a word, It is also a “Yoga” and should be performed regularly and very carefully while remaining calm and serene. There are three types of Tapas, ‘sharir tapa, vanmaya tapa, manas tapa’, vanmaya tapa is austerity of speech and it is the noblest and greatest among tapas. While Ego is the first thing that makes entry of disaster while sorry makes it exit. When you are fearful of saying sorry, you become intolerant and intolerance is breeding ground of doubts.

Don’t feel shy in saying sorry. Be Happy.

Peace and You

Have you ever thought, where do you find peace often? It can be different for every person, it may be Disneyland for one person and a poor’s hut for another. But why so? Because the person who find peace in Disneyland, loves Disneyland and the person who finds peace in hut loves poor people. Problem is, a person doesn’t love himself/herself, the day he/she starts loving him/herself, he will automatically start finding peace in his/her body. Problem is we don’t value our own body. We value Amazon Prime thatswhy we are ready to give 5-6 hours to it, we love Cricket thatswhy we are ready to sit for 6 hours for a match. We don’t love ourselves that’s the reason we are not ready to give even 10 minutes to ourselves. Now don’t count your gym time, your makeup or your dinner time in those 10 minutes. Peace is the thing that you can’t show to others, it is for yourself. You go to gym because you want to look good, you eat because your appetite says to do so. You need to look in yourself for peace. Have you ever shared your thoughts to yourself like you share with your best buddy, and analyse the same for a few minutes… No, because you don’t want to give time to yourself, you don’t love your own body.

Every person has his own relationship, you can find peace there too. Make them valuable. Real happiness is not in gaining wealth, that is ephemeral, real happiness is when you get to know that someone is happy because of you. Real joy is not in materialistic things, gifts, presents etc but in respecting each other. Give it a try, even if you get that respect from another side, dearest gift of your life will become cheaper then.

Everyone says, Expectations hurt but how can a relationship survive without expectation. Even we don’t have relationship with God without expectation, we expect something from him, we go to temple and ask him to do some favour. A relationship with Father and Son also has expectations, while son in his young age wants ipad or ps4 from father , father wants to see his son’s name on top of the merit list. We can’t survive without expectations. As long as we have fingers, nails keep growing, but we trim nails time to time. Same applies in relationship, cut down avoidable or futile expectations. Be true to yourself or whatever you are in right now, there will be no need to see another options to find peace. Peace is within you.

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